Event Creation

  1. Here you can upload images that you think are relevant to the event you want to create
  2. Here you have to select the category of the event, it can be Sports, Politics, Markets, Gaming, Entertainment and Crypto.
  3. Here you can enter the tags that might be related to the event. Thanks to the tags, the user can easily find the event he might be interested in.
  4. Here, you specify how the event question itself should sound.
  5. Here you define the start and end of the event.
  6. Here you need to describe the event so that users can find out what it’s about.
  7. Here you define the outcome of the event referring to the source you will be citing below.
  8. Here you state the official source of the event you’re creating.
  9. Here you can also choose whether the event will be a public or private.

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