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5 min readMay 20, 2022

Dear Oracula community, we were so happy to get such a great feedback from you and read all your insanely interesting questions! Oracula team is very glad that you are always in touch and you are interested in the future of our project, so we decided to choose the most interesting questions about Oracula and answer them. And of course, we will not leave you without a reward. So,let’s start!

From @YuliyaSanny
For all projects, income is one of the important aspects, it is needed to survive in the World of cryptocurrencies and not get lost before the start! How did you manage to create and promote the project?

It is impossible not to agree with the fact that without an already existing budget, it is hardly possible to create a really good project in the world of cryptocurrencies. Without funds, it is impossible to successfully start and complete a project. That’s why project planning and budgeting are so important: it’s the lifeblood of the project. And the Oracula team has approached this issue with particular importance.

The Oracula project was created by our inner team, which consists of an experienced team of developers with already successfully running crypto-projects. They are responsible for all the internal and external development of the website and platform itself, as well as for our user-friendly interface.

Also, we have a great and experienced marketing team which works really hard in developing a large-scale strategy for marketing promotion.At the moment we actively negotiate about further partnerships & strategic cooperations. Moreover, much effort is put into increasing our community every day via developing promotion in social networks. Our strategy includes PR, community growth, advertising, promo giveaways and much more.

Moreover we have great partners backing us so we have everything we need to build our product and its features. And with the word “everything” we mean not only the budget and the team, but also you guys, our wonderful and beloved supporters!

From @Olap34
Will we be able to create bets on European football?

Of course you will, and must! Oracula is a very versatile project with a great variety of topics to bet on! You can place bets and create events about Sports, Crypto, Politics and Entertainment.

It just so happens that the “Sports” sector obviously doesn’t only include UFC and American football, but also European! And other sports, of course…

So grab your device, use your imagination, and head on to create events on the Oracula platform!

By the way, you can also find articles with instructions on how to create an event and how to place bets on our Medium!

From @chanikibooom
What is the algorithm for changing dynamic coefficients? How will it change, what will it rely on when changing?

Below is the formula for how the coefficient on Oracula platform is calculated:

From @nle4ipur
Will oracula launch the possibility of express betting(multi-betting) so that the user can increase the odds for winning? with the possibility of playing with different cryptocurrencies?

Yes, Oracula will introduce such feature as multi-betting. This feature particularly sets Oracula apart from its competitors, as none of the other crypto-projects have this. So, Oracula is the pioneer of multi-crypto-betting which gives our users the chance to have multiple bets within one event multiplying their final ratios!

From @coinKasp
The $ORACULA native token carries some difficulties for betters. Why does Oracula needs its own $ORACULA token? Why didn’t you choose to start with usdt, usdc, etc.

Yes, Oracula will provide our users with the opportunity to place bets in other tokens, including stable coins. But it should be emphasized that there will always be a greater advantage in betting on the Oracula native token, because if the token rises in value before an event is over, the opportunity to gain more profit will increase too!

So, it’s up to you guys whether to choose to take less risk and bet in stable coins, or take more risk and get a scoop! We will reveal more details soon, when these mechanisms will be implemented, so stay tuned for more!

From @Ysseer
Can you expand our knowledge about Your Roadmap this year and the future? What are we to expect going forward in this 2022?

Roadmap stands as an important and vital part of any project. Oracula team developed the roadmap in a way to make everything as right and smooth as possible, meeting all the requirements of our beloved audience.

We can confidently say that you can expect the best DeFi Prediction Markets platform, with many features to be implemented in the near future, namely: live events, multi bets, team battles, other assets, micro games, private bets, leaderboard, partner integrations, staking & farming pools, jackpots, governance mechanisms, clubs & leagues, mobile app release, NFT collection and much more!

We still have room to grow, and we’re doing it wisely and without the support of our community, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

From @FazarSumantri
Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long term. How can Your Project convince users to invest in your platform in the long term?

Utility token $ORACULA is used to predict events outcome, create/supervise markets, providing liquidity, yield farming, and even governance mechanisms. Forecasting markets aggregate the different thoughts and opinions of people around the world, and just such forecasts are the most valuable and accurate.

No one feels left behind or without a voice in the Oracula ecosystem. With the collection of $ORACULA tokens you will be able to bring changes to the future improvements of the platform, unlock unique NFT, and have access to private events with bigger rewards. Also, we have developed burn & buyback systems along with Governance where people will decide which mechanisms to turn on for healthy growth of the product.

We’re going to use the most of the market could offer in terms of technologies and possibilities with maximum utility usecases for our token. So, it still will be attractive for short-term holders (flippers) but along the road we will implement so many features that we will get the most loyal and healthy community that will be looking for the growth with us. As we see this product as a future of DeFi Prediction Markets!

We hope that we answered all of your questions in detail and you enjoyed this section as FAQ with Oracula. And remember: there’s more to come, more unique and more exciting things!

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