Forecast the future together with Oracula

2 min readDec 17, 2021


Nowadays, Prediction Market has become one of the main values in decentralized technology. The ability to make future predictions by analyzing the past and present positions in financial markets has never been in such high demand. Our aim is to solve the issue of low usage and volume via encouraging liquidity providers and traders in assistance & occupying large positions while the system of curation and settlement ensures efficient and reliable markets.

Oracula stands as an entertainment DeFi platform where you can bet on sports, esports, crypto and many more while live translations of the likable event via forecasting. Users can make live, in-play predictions about an event outcome.

As users trade fractions of outcomes, they can mine $ORACULA tokens and later use them to open their prediction markets on Oracula. Daily cryptocurrency and Over/Unders price markets will also be available, with integrated real-time price feeds and charts for traders and professional trading desks to hedge the market.

We fully understand that the idea of a prediction marketplace is not new, and many examples have had as many failures as successes. The lack of scalability, incentives for daily active use, and good blockchain and design experts have been the main factors why prediction markets have never been in such demand.

Now, things have changed dramatically and we will be one of the first prediction markets that will definitely succeed.We’ve put a lot of effort and coped with many challenges to effectively implement into the market the most useful prediction tool with forecasting experts in order to beneficially aggregate the beliefs over a future outcome.