How to enter the Oracula Private Alpha Test?

2. You will see a pop-up window with options of wallets to connect.
*Now for connection only Metamask Wallet is available

3. After that choose the wallet(s) you want to be connected to the website and press “Next”.
* Make sure you have ≈ 0.005 BNB on your wallet(s) to pay the commission

4. Then in the “Signature Request” window press “Sign”.

5. After that press “Connect” to confirm the connection of the chosen wallet(s) to the website.

6. After successfully passing verification, you will get into the main events page of Oracula. In the “Trending events” section choose the event you are more interested in.

7. After that you get to the page of the chosen event, where you can see all the information related to the selected event, as well as a section to place a bet.

8. First you need to approve the interaction with the contract *(done only once)

9. Then, in the field “Available ORACULA” enter the amount of tokens you want to place on the chosen event.
After this, press “Place a bet” to confirm the amount of tokens you want to bet on the chosen event.

10. After making a bet, you will see your bet in the “Your position” field with all the relevant information of the chosen event.

So here you are! You successfully placed your first bet on the Oracula platform! Now all you have to do is to wait for the end of the chosen event and its correct verdict by the author to be displayed. It is indeed as easy as it seems right?

Explore the Oracula platform,bet, relax and win! Good luck :)



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