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3 min readMay 11, 2022


If we go back to the ancient civilization, in many cultures for a long time people through the oracle (a place where divinations were given) wanted to find their place in the universe, trying to look into the future. The oracular centers were also used for divinations by birds, celestial phenomena, the entrails of animals, and dreams. It was used by all and played a decisive role in what actions both states and individuals took.

In modern language, an oracle is also understood as a predictor of the future, we saw a great connection in it with our idea, and that’s how our unique name Oracula was born.

Why exactly prediction markets? As we mentioned above, predictions of any events were used in ancient times and are still in demand, only in a slightly different format, without the insides of animals. In the beginning, bookmaker companies, a gambling establishment, accepting bets on sports for real money, were in demand. Recently, crypto-investors began to discuss the topic of prediction markets, structurally similar to bookmaker’s companies, but much safer and more transparent.

Prediction markets are a type of speculative markets; their purpose is to create predictions. Such markets create assets whose ultimate monetary value is related to a certain event (e.g whether the next American president will be a Republican) or parameter (e.g what will be the sales in the next quarter).

And due to COVID-19 and its consequences, more and more people started to get into crypto and blockchain industry, became more interested in Esports or other spheres and started to look for opportunities to easily make money from home.

With this idea in mind, we quickly realized that we could combine our power and users interests together to accomplish bigger things and create the best decentralized betting platform, where people can make bets on a wide range of online-sporting events and gain the maximum benefit from them. That’s how our unique project Oracula was born, which already differs a lot from the other similar market products.

Prediction markets allow you to achieve incredibly accurate predictions that are way ahead of all traditional methods. They can be used in areas ranging from entertainment to the development of scientific theories. A new wave of interest in the concept is now rising, thanks to the opportunities and openness that blockchain solutions offer. The more decentralized the service, the safer and more interesting it is. It is really possible to make money on prediction markets, because online earning is now growing faster and faster thanks to blockchain. It all comes down to a simple formula: your assets, your opinion, and the timing of the prediction.

About Oracula:

Oracula stands as a DeFi prediction market that will appeal to a wide range of people who share a common interest. Oraculas’ team consists of great experts that are ready to generate new ideas and are acquainted with all the ins and outs of working with digital assets. Cryptocurrency betting and the ability to contribute assets to the liquidity pool for a fee will be a great advantage for cryptocurrency holders.

Oracula, unlike the traditional betting platforms, operates on decentralized blockchain networks and with the usage of smart contracts these composite elements give the opportunity to:

- provide maximum of security and transparency

- track all the transactions and processes on the platform by the user himself

- collect and unite the most accurate opinions and thoughts of people around the world

- our platform is available to everybody, where real-world users can create their own events and further enjoy making predictions on future outcomes with utility token $ORACULA

- operate without a third-party mediator

- honestly receive rewards and place funds in a common liquidity pool

- automate platform functions

Oracula features:

- no third-party middleman

- no staff-analysts

- transparent & secure betting with smart contracts

- dynamic coefficients

- user-friendly interface

- DAO mechanisms

- profitable tokenomics

- small initial mcap

- one single token for all activities

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