Oracula is proud to announce that we have partnered with Rigel Protocol, a Blockchain DeFi protocol that strives to give the community access to a wide range of tools to expand Blockchain technologies adoption in every-day life.

The Oracula x Rigel Protocol partnership is built on the shared principles of long-term collaboration and co-development. Together with Rigel Protocol, which will host part of our private round, we plan to run promo campaigns, help the community get more value out of our partnership and get the most out of our DApps.

About Rigel Protocol

RigelProtocol Launchpad is an end-to-end tokenization platform combining a technology solution with key compliance and legal aspects. Rigel Protocol is designed to bring new solutions to the DeFi world by providing innovative DeFi products to advance scalability and security in Blockchain space, as well as fast user experience and rapid adoption.

About Oracula

Oracula is a DeFi Prediction Markets built with the usage of hard-coded smart contracts. Oracula operates on decentralized blockchain networks that are designed to function without third-party middlemen. Our mission is to create the most comfortable and trustworthy forecasting tool by means of decentralized systems.

Each of our partners is a project that shares our views and values over a long distance. Therefore, we are excited and inspired by our joint plans and our future. We will disclose more partnerships and new elements of the Oracula platform very soon. Stay tuned!



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