Oracula is proud to announce that we have partnered with Zam.io, a hybrid on-chain CeFi&DeFi Ecosystem. Our projects share a common vision for development and future prospects, so together with Zam.io we plan to interact on many aspects. Wide range of tools of Zam.io and the flexibility of the Oracula platform will enable us to increase the usability of both projects’ tokens, give our users more opportunities and strengthen each of us market presence. In addition to hosting IDO at Zam.io, we have a lot of collaborative products in our pipeline!

Zam.io has the mission to facilitate transitions into a new decentralized economy by helping transfer real assets to the blockchain. They thrive to expand the crypto market by creating powerful and intuitive instruments that connect people and capital from traditional finance to DeFi.

Oracula is a DeFi Prediction Markets with the most safe ecosystem designed for bettors, blockchain enthusiasts and investors interested in placing their funds in a common liquidity pool. Our mission is to create the best secure and transparent forecasting tool by means of decentralized systems, for investors and players to gain great profit from the successfully developing industry that will never stop growing.

We will disclose more partnerships and new elements of the Oracula platform very soon. Stay tuned!






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