Oracula Meme Competision

2 min readMay 25, 2022

Oracula is excited to announce a great chance for our valued community to get involved into a new competition, where each of you will have the opportunity to show your imagination, cool artistic skills, and of course, win rewards!

Each of you will have the ability to present your art in memes, videos, GIFs or other about Oracula! The Meme competition will be held from May 25 to June 20 and 3 of our best artists will win some fantastic prizes.

How to Participate

1. Follow Oracula on Twitter and Telegram;

2. Make a meme or any other art piece of your choice featuring something positive or witty about Oracula (* please try to send works of good quality jpeg images or 720–1080 videos);

3. Each participant can submit 1 meme, multiple submissions will not be considered;

4. Send your pieces of art in Oracula’s Telegram with the hashtag #OraculaMeme;

5. Retweet our Meme competition post on Twitter and tag 1 friend;

Then relax and wait till our announcement of 3 best winners at our discretion. Winners will be announced on our Twitter and Telegram channels of Oracula!

Competition Limitations

- It is not allowed to use swearwords, alcoholic products, tobacco, images of a sexual nature in your memes/videos;

- It is not allowed to use other people’s images, please use the ones from stock;

- It is not allowed to use the content about politics, gender discrimination, skin color, people with disabilities;

- For violation of the rules, the participants will be disqualified;

We can’t wait to see the creativity of our beloved users! Oracula wishes you all the best of luck and looks forward to all your pieces of art!

About Oracula

Oracula is DeFi Prediction Markets built with the usage of hard-coded smart contracts. Oracula operates on decentralized blockchain networks that are designed to function without third-party middlemen. Oracula’s mission is to create the most comfortable and trustworthy forecasting tool by means of decentralized systems.

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