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Oracula not only has a significant difference from other betting platforms, but it is going to revolutionize the industry of Prediction Markets itself.

In this article we will describe our advantages in detail and will give you once again an insight of what and why Oracula is different from other platforms.

Fast Transactions

Because of the tech skills of our team, interactions with the platform will be smooth and fast. We use the latest and most modern networks and protocols when a user operates with Oracula.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss.

With the usage of Smart contracts Oracula automates all the platform’s functions. The key feature of a smart contract gives users an opportunity not to rely on a third party to execute various conditions. A smart contract executes what’s supposed to happen timely and objectively. That’s why one of main goals of Oracula is to provide the most transparent and secure platform for its users.

Peer-to-peer betting platform, no intermediaries

This basic concept of wagering is the driving force behind betting exchange. Oracula is a platform that allows customers to bet against other people without the need for a traditional bookmaker.

The simplest form of P2P betting is you and a mate having a wager on the basketball. For instance, you bet your friend $20 that the Lakers will beat the Toronto Raptors. As the name suggests, two peers are simply betting with one another.

Oracula has no staff of analysts whose purpose is profitability of the office at any outcome. Only dynamic independent coefficients formed by the players themselves.

Bet auctions

Unique feature to be implemented. We will keep it as a secret for now but to give you a hint — this is going to be another amazing feature leading you to have full control of your bets and options for action at your choice by any time.

The single token for economy

$ORACULA is a decentralized utility token serving as the main currency in the Oracula ecosystem. It can be used for everything inside the platform: predicting event outcomes, create/supervise markets, making bets, data collection & analytics, governance, access to private events, farming, staking, bonuses and NFT rewards and additional bonuses from partnerships and collaborations

Different themes for betting

On Oracula you can make bets or create events on any interesting to you topics.It can be Sports, Esports, Crypto, Politics and many more. For the simplicity of the platform, events are clearly defined by outcomes that do not overlap with each other. Want to know who will win an Oscar in 2022? Or maybe you’re wondering what teams will be competing in Dota 2 for $40 million prize pool? Feel free to create an event and invite friends to participate!

Live betting

Oracula will provide broadcasting online betting events through partnering platforms to bet on sports, e-sports and other events based on the analysis of statistics and market analysis in the open access. In addition to key championships, tournaments, cups, we also pay attention to less popular competitions. With Oracula you will always find forecasts for the upcoming tours and live-matches for many events.

Low fees

With the usage of BNB Chain & Polygon our users will experience as low fees as possible to work and interact with our platform smart contracts.

Dao mechanics

The DAO relies on smart contracts that automatically execute when conditions are fulfilled. The smart contract outlines the organization’s rules, which can only be changed via vote. With the implementation of DAO mechanisms each user can:

⁃ vote for project development

⁃ vote for new features to be implemented

⁃ vote for new partnerships

⁃ vote for next milestones

⁃ regulate fees

And this is not all!

Instant payouts

No one likes when their assets are held by someone else. If you earn money, you want it to go to you right away — without hanging around anywhere in between. In Oracula, the user receives his money automatically in his wallet with no extra clicks.

Liquidity pools

Providing your liquidity to our liquidity pools will now not only help you to grow your tokens, but also it will lead to additional benefits such as special events, partners bonuses etc.

Today it is becoming more difficult to make money in betting, given the abilities and technical capabilities of bookmakers; and without certain tools it is almost impossible for the average person to stay in the black over the long-term. The goal of Oracula is to provide the most accurate forecasts so that our users do not “go into the negative”, but only earn big profits.

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