Prediction Markets. The Future of Betting


Prediction markets were touted as one of the optimal blockchain use cases. They were created for the purpose of making predictions or benefiting from correct predictions. In this area high-qualified traders predict in-real world events with the usage of their brilliant blockhain knowledge.

Making income from information exchange and forecasting stands as the basis for most today’s capital markets. With the advent of DeFi, traders profit through decentralised exchange, lending, farming and providing liquidity for others to use.

Core Oracula features

Bet on real-time events in Esports, Sports, Crypto Prices, Politics, & More.

  • Livestreams & Live Video Events
  • Virtual Events, Promotions & Giveaways
  • Liquidity Provisioning & Rewards for LPs
  • Use $ORACULA to create/supervise Markets
  • Use $ORACULA for making bets
  • Mine $ORACULA by providing liquidity to Oracula
  • Yield Farm $ORACULA






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DeFi Prediction markets. The way you’ve never played before.