Tokenomics is an incredibly important concept for any user to understand whether to invest in a project or not, since the factors included will definitely affect the user’s investment. Oracula team cares a lot about the success of the project and the ecosystem we are building. When creating any legitimate project, there should always be paid extensive attention to the tokenomics and carefully thought out all the usefulness of the token itself.

When launching a project, each team wants things to always go according to the plan, be flexible and always make informed decisions that advance the mission of the project. Oracula is guided by the belief that sincerity and transparency are necessary to ensure building trust with our users. Such values are driven by our core beliefs as a team and as a project that we always do the right thing. Oracula tokenomics is precisely the core way to gain the trust of our users so let’s take a deep look into it.

Oracula total supply: $50,000,000

The vesting of rounds is the following:

Seed round: 10% unlocked at TGE, then cliff 2 weeks, then linear monthly vesting period of 9 months

Private round: 12% unlocked at TGE, then cliff 10 days, then linear monthly vesting period of 8 months

Public round: 13% unlocked at TGE, then linear monthly vesting period of 5 months

Team & Family fund: locked for 12 months, then vested for 24 months

Dev fund: vested for 24 months

Marketing / Bonuses / Rewards fund: vested for 12 months

Advisors / Backers: 6 months cliff and 1 year vesting

Farming & Staking fund: vested for 24 months

And here are some unique and beneficial features of our tokenomics for you to get acquainted with :

- Small initial mcap. As our product enters the market, our capitalization will be only $310,000. This shows that the token has enormous growth potential compared to its competitors, whose capitalization is clearly larger. As an example, due today one of our competitors mcap is amounted to $302,000,000. Do you realize the potential and room for growth in this industry?

- Long lock of team & advisory tokens. This feature shows our long-term plans and the great interest in the development of our product

- Beneficial collaborations with partnering projects

- Possible implementation of burn mechanisms

- Smooth and transparent unlocks for different rounds. No hidden rounds and shady investors

- The events and bets on Oracula have a fee. The fee is distributed to rewards in staking & farming pools, marketing, promo campaigns, bonus programs and promotion

- Wide usecase of $ORACULA token with all of the features of the platform to be implemented

- At the moment, the capitalization of the industries that Oracula will fall into is quite small. Which suggests that this market has a huge growth potential. And this area will only gain momentum in the near future

Hope now you understand what the Oracula project stands by and what our tokenomics looks like! We are pioneering a unique, secure and beneficial for our users and investors platform in the decentralized world of prediction markets. Stay tuned, and keep an eye on our socials for upcoming news!






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