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11 min readMar 18, 2022

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We start the AMA session with the cool Oracula project🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Oracula is a project focused on DeFi prediction markets that allow market participants to profit by predicting the outcome of any world event in a simple, fun, and interactive manner. Oracula aims to address the lack of transparency and ensures that participants get the maximum benefit in a pure and fun way.

Introduce yourself. Tell us how you got started in cryptocurrencies?🚀🤪


Hello guys! We are pleased to be here today

So, my name is Julia, I am a representative of Oracula team

I am responsible for partnerships arrangements and marketing

For me the history of cryptocurrency was always very telling on what stake it holds in the future of finance

I liked terribly the idea that you can bet and get predictions on real events and get money out of it, based on the transparency of this ecosystem, and that’s how I found my place in Oracula

That’s my little biography 😅 | Chat


I think this topic is now popular, as there are few similar projects

What do you think?


indeed it’s a popular topic especially after the COVID-19 consequences, but we differ a lot from other projects and from traditional betting platforms and today I would like to reveal it to you in details 😉 | Chat

Tell us about the project, describe it. What are the advantages of the project in contrast to other projects. How did you come up with the name?


So, as I’ve mentioned before, we are not like centralized traditional betting platforms. Oracula is completely the opposite and is built on decentralized blockchain networks that are designed to function without third-party middlemen, without staff of analysts (Instead we will have dynamic independent coefficients formed by the players themselves) and with the usage of hard-coded smart contracts that automate the platform’s functions

We’ve put much effort into making the best forecasting tool for bettors, blockchain enthusiasts and investors interested in placing their funds in a common common liquidity pool and gaining big profits from a very demanding and successfully developing industry

Regarding the name, it’s rather interesting story on how we’ve come up with it

if we go back to the ancient civilization, in many cultures for a long time people through the oracle (a place where divinations were given) wanted to find their place in the universe, trying to look into the future

The oracular centers were also used for divinations by birds, celestial phenomena, the he entrails of animals, and dreams. It was used by all and played a decisive role in what actions both states and individuals took.

In modern language, an oracle is also understood as a predictor of the future, we saw a great connection in it with our idea

and that’s how our unique name Oracula was born | Chat

Are you sure you are creating one project?
There are so many interesting things here that it pulls on a global company


it’s one great project with a great variety of features in it 😃 | Chat

It seems to me that blockchain betting will be popular as it is much more fair

Why did you decide to make a gaming betting platform?


This idea came to our mind long ago. We always wanted to create the most transparent, comfortable and flexible Prediction Markets platform for people by seeing the issues and restrictions/disadvantages of such similar platforms and traditional betting companies.

Then, with the appearance of the DeFi segment on the crypto-market and the global situation with COVID, the model of our platform has perfectly fit in and has strengthened our belief in the necessity of our launch.

Due to COVID-19 and its consequences, more and more people started to get into crypto and blockchain industry, became more interested in Esports or other spheres and started to look for opportunities to easily make money from home. We thought why not turn it into a game, supported by the interest of earning money?

With this idea in mind, we quickly realized that we could combine our power and users interests together to accomplish things and create the best decentralized betting platform, where people can make bets on a wide range of online-sporting events and gain the maximum benefit from them.

That’s how our unique project Oracula was born, which already differs a lot from the other similar market products |Chat

Can other projects integrate with you?


We are definitely looking for as much flexibility as possible with Oracula on board to collaborate together with other promising projects

So in some time when we come up to some specific features within Oracula, we will provide this opportunity and this is going to be our big achievment and a milestone to reach |Chat

How can I participate in bets, what do I need to do this?


All you will need is our token $ORACULA, and further you will be able to understand by our user-friendly interface

Moreover, we will have more detailed instruction upon the usage of our platform more closely to its launch | Chat

can share pictures with us


you can already see how the creation of events will look like:

This will be no difficult at all. You’ll just need to choose a theme you are interested in, upload all the necessary information about the event with the variants of the outcome and fairly get their profit from every bet made on the event.

Soon you will be able to see how the event itself will look like and try to create one yourself | Chat

Tell us about project security


We do not want to undermine the credibility of our users and ivestors and we value the security of our users when handling our native token $ORACULA, that’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into providing our users with the maximum security and transparency of the platform. We’ve passed KYC and three audits, including Hacken, and moreover, all the transactions and processes on the platform can be tracked by the user himself

Audit from Hacken:
(more details in our tweet:

Audit from Coinscope:

Audit from TechRate:

KYC: | Chat

Could you tell us more about the roadmap, what you have already done and what you are planning🔥🚀


Our roadmap highlights the main steps and sets the goals that we are going to achieve in the near future. From our upcoming goals I would like to highlight some important dates:
Raise at Maison Capital: March, 17
Raise at March, 21
Raise at Rigel Protocol: March, 23
Official listing at PancakeSwap: April, 8 | Chat



Here you can see our further plans on the development of our platform on our roadmap:

We have a lot of plans and ideas, and we will definitely try to make the best product that will satisfy even the most demanding audience. | Chat

Our community is interested in tokenomics, could you share it and explain the key points🔥🔥


We’re going to use the most of the market could offer terms of technologies and possibilities with maximum utility use cases for our token

So, it still will be attractive for short-term holders (flippers) but along the road we will implement so many features that we will get the most loyal and healthy community that will be looking for the growth with us, as we see this product as a future of betting and prediction markets

Regarding our tokenomics, I would like to underline some key points:

We have small initial mcap and as our product enters the market, our mcap will be only $310,000. This shows that the token has enormous growth potential compared to its competitors, whose capitalization is clearly larger. As an example, due today one of our competitors mcap is amounted to $302,000,000. I hope you realize the potential and room for growth of our token!

What else is important, our tokenomics was created as the most attractive and beneficial for our investors, and for stable growth and development of the platform itself. That’s why the most part of total emission is dedicated to the rewards in staking & farming pools.

The third most important partis for marketing goals, rewards, promo campaigns, bonus programs and promotion. These tokens have a well developed model of vesting, thanks to which we hope to turn our token into a valuable and reliable element of our assets portfolio.

Team tokens will be locked for 12 months before they will start to get vested in portions for another 24 month. This shows our long-term plans and the great interest in the development of our product.

here you can see a more detailed picture of our tokenomics: | Chat

you talk so interestingly, it’s clear you love the project


I love our project and love our great community 😊 | Chat

Do you have a search for new partners and from what area?


We have a plan to launch initial version of the platform in a first phase and after that we will be collaborating with other projects

we already negotiate with some amazing and well-known projects regarding our future work together | Chat

Tell us about your team?


Oracula team consists of the most skilled and amazing team of experts who have great experience in web development, as well as successfully launched crypto projects

Team puts a lot of effort into producing our tokenomics, product and its features, roadmap and vision in the way it is today. Our goal is to revolutionize the world of prediction by implementing something to the market that many users have been missing or haven’t seen before at all.

By focusing our attention on improving usability on the social and entertainment aspect, we are creating a very exciting and extremely dynamic platform that will operate without third-party middlemen and enable people to monetize their interests | Chat

Can you share with us some exclusive previews? screenshots maybe?


We will give opportunity to community members of to try the platform live more close to its launch. So stay tuned!

The launch will be till the end of this month, so you will be able to see the platform itself very soon

can’t wait to show you how the header of the event will look like: | Chat

Would you like to expand your range to the entire market, which countries are you currently considering for advertising?


Our community is the heart of the project and we really care about the growth of its users

of course, one of our goals is to actively enter different markets, including Asian and others

Oracula team is ready to provide full support, not depending on the user;s language. We are always here to help! | Chat

How is your game idea different from your competitors?


We have no direct competitors. Most closest to them are Polkamarkets, WinkLink, Stox and etc. But we are going to have a completely unique concept, UI, formulas and lots of features that no one has yet.

You can check some of our unique features in this simple comparison picture: | Chat

have you thought about creating your own game?


Our platform will have a great variety of games for any type of user | Chat

will it be for girls?


yes, girls will definitely find games on interesting to them topics 😉 | Chat

Could you share your presentation?


Here is our pitchdeck where you can see in more details our our features and tokenomics: | Chat

How can I earn with your platform?


You can earn by predicting outcomes, staking & farming and just by holding our token. Creating an event will also bring you value, especially a popular one.

Also we will have DAO mechanisms integrated so you will be choosing future milestones to be achieved for the Oracula team, vote on further development of the project and its new features implementation, vote for new partnerships and next milestones of the project, and also regulate fees and possible token burn.

Every activity within Oracula will be held through our native token. So with the increase of the features that is going to be achieved the value of token will grow as well | Chat


Could you share your social networks?


here are all our socials for you to see:
Medium: | Chat

It was very interesting to talk with you! Let’s give users the opportunity to ask questions


Let’s go!

From Kodok Buzzers

Investors and users definitely need a high level of security to make transactions, how is the security level of your project? so that they trust?How to anticipate in case of hacking? and lastly, is there a backer that can really keep security up??


We really care about the security of our users, so that’s why we have passed an audit from Hacken and got the highest security bench from Hacken, you can get asquainted with it via this link: file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/Telegram%20Desktop/Oracula_11022022_SCAudit_Report.docx.pdf

From So Lee Hin

What marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of your project? and Does your project have CSR contributed so that investors believe in your responsibility to create the project and invest in your project?


We have a great and experienced marketing team which works really hard in developing a large-scale strategy for marketing promotion.At the moment we actively negotiate about further partnerships & strategic cooperations. Moreover, much effort is put into increasing our community every day via entering different markets and develop promotion in social networks. Our strategy includes PR, community growth, advertising, promo giveaways and much more. As Oracula stands out as a project that appeals to a wide range of people who share a common interest and affects various types of events, our audience is potentially increasing with every day!

From Makoto Nagano

How about your anti dump mechanism


We are building a strategy with always higher demand than selling pressure could be. That’s why we carefully built our tokenomics with low initial supply and platform launch in almost the same time.

Also we will have market making going from the start and a lot of KOL’s and collaborations to gain attention to our platform

From Ann

and do nft bring some benefits in Play2 Ear Game?

Yes one of our milestones ahead include p2e gaming experience so every user will find something interesting for himself and will have an exciting experience using Oracula. We will share details about these features closer to it’s launch

Also, NFT will influence on a lot of factors inside the game process

Zam. io | Chat

Thank you so much for AMA! Everything was great, we are waiting for you in the Russian chat!😍🤪


See you there!

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